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TIA Formazione – 5 PER MILLE

Codice  fiscale:  97639730585

Campagna associativa 2023 – 2024

Perché iscriversi
Il socio partecipa all’assemblea dei soci, ha titolo di voto e può entrare a far parte del direttivo se approvato dal direttivo medesimo. Ha diritto ad uno sconto del 20% sulla quota di iscrizione ai corsi di formazione promossi e pubblicati durante l’anno. Tia Formazione propone tra 3 e 5 corsi annui. Ha la priorità a proporre proprie candidature su posizioni aperte in TIA Formazione di cui riceverà preventivamente info via e-mail prima della pubblicazione online. Tali informazioni viaggeranno anche sui social.

Training Tia Formazione


Corso di progettazione europea per aspiranti “European Project Manager”


Dal 6 settembre 2023 Coworktalenti Roma

H. 14,30 alle 17,30



Tia Formazione has been founded on 2011. It’s a no profit organisation registered in Italy with an operative site in Brussels.

Tia Formazione promotes since foundation EU policies whose target are youth and Adults especially in the field of education.

Tia Formazione cooperates with European organizations and it is a member of transnational networks. From 2017 TIA is developing the VET network to support school-work alternation projects and work-based learning. It connects students with companies and teachers for job shadowing experiences in Italy.



TIA Formazione  carries out training and project activities for young generations, with the projects carried out with the European Commission Representation in Italy on the issues of communication and European information on training for European journalism projects and Work-based …


TIA Formazione has been studying the issue of leadership in relation to personal growth for years, promoting coaching, mentoring and spiritual leadership courses.TIA has collaborated with various organisations over the years: from the Oxford Leadership Academy to Coaching Emotion…

Media literacy

MEDIA LITERACY or EDUCATION to MEDIA is another sector in which TIA Formazione invests and carries out project activities aimed at both young people and adults. The European Union is investing in the sector through the stimulation of new proposals in the field of Education…


Education theme for our staff is also equivalent to know and deepen the learning methodologies aimed at migrants and refugees in order to propose teaching methodologies, seminars and language courses aimed at better learning and strengthening the skills of the TIA staff…


NEET is the acronym of (Young people) neither in employment nor in education or training and according to the last statistics published in 2018 by EUROSTAT * the largest group of NEETs is composed of young people with an upper secondary level of education – the so called ‘missing middle’…


Over 50 is a TIA area dedicated to over 50 years old and new challenges in education and job life in these turbulent times. There are promoted projects related to improve and face daily life and life skills.



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