Vlat took part in the project ACT4SC in Romania (15 October-26 October 2019)


ACT4SCP Project – “Circular Economy Summer School is the first one of its kind in which I take part. For me it is a new experience and so far, I have to say that I am really enjoying being here. In my opinion, the best part is the possibility to meet people from different countries, to get to know them as individuals and as part of a different culture, also their habits regarding the circular economy topic.

During these days we participated to different activities, such as seminaries during which the topic of the summer school has been presented to all of us, workshops that allowed us to practice the knowledge acquired during the classes; also we took part in many group games, which aim was to get us to know each other better, to interact and to understand what is cooperation between people for achieving the same objective.

The topics presented to us have been Waste Management and how it did develop through the years in the different countries around the world and specifically in Europe; we also visited a sorting facility near Oradea (Romania), and that made clearer the theory learned during the course. Also, we learned about the Zero Waste Programme and the principles on which it is funded, and about the reality behind plastic recycling, which is far different from what it is commonly thought. Another topic discussed is the recovery of textile materials.

So far, I have learned many useful things about waste management and how a circular approach, in every sector and at every level, is the right approach. And, as I said, it is very interesting to see how waste management is perceived and which policies are applied in different countries, because there are some similarities between some of them but there are also a lot of dissimilarities.

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