Adult Erasmus experiences: not only trainings

Tia Formazione and the Design Digital Thinking experience in Barcelona.

The training experience carried out in Barcelona from the 20th to the 25th of March has highlighted interesting elements ranging from the training, frankly not very rewarding although structured precisely for Erasmus programmes, and the real team building experience derived from the confrontation with our staff present at the course.

The training was aimed at highlighting ideational and strategic processes using the “design thinking methodology”. We participated because the training was part of the objectives of the funded project, aimed at improving our individual skills in the Adult Education and Training sector and consequently applying the learning to our professional growth and to our organisation in the digital processes of project implementation or strategic analysis by objectives. The Erasmus experience makes it possible for profiles that are often different in terms of experience and background to come together in a “peer to peer” approach where everyone brings their own pathways and experiences into play where individual values, competences and life skills become a framework for comparison and growth.

Our staff was composed of the undersigned, who coordinates the organisation and the European projects, a university lecturer and collaborator with Tia Formazione in various projects, a project manager who works with us and a young man of 20, with no Erasmus experience so far but who is entering the world of Youth Erasmus with our support. The course was and is acting as a background and motivation, often challenging all of us by stimulating analysis and deepening in an idea of unplanned team building. It will be this research that will improve the dynamics of deepening and produce value in our organisation now and in our future strategic choices.  Training in Erasmus contexts therefore remains a unique opportunity for learning and interaction in multicultural contexts where our individual and association journey is strengthened and internationalised.

Ines Caloisi