Alternation school work – Storie di alternanza prize sponsored by MIUR

“Storie di alternanza”, promoted by Unioncamere and the Italian Chambers of Commerce.

The “Storie di alternanza” Award is an initiative promoted by Unioncamere and the Italian Chambers of Commerce.

The aim is to enhance and give visibility to the stories of school-work alternation projects (link conceived, developed and implemented by students and tutors of Italian secondary schools).

Storie di alternanza aims to increase the quality and effectiveness of school-work alternation paths, activating a collaboration between schools and businesses and the bodies involved, thus giving added value to the experience carried out through a multimedia “story” that presents the experience of alternation achieved, the skills acquired and the role of tutors (school and external) highlighting the activities carried out and the skills gained in the course of school-work alternation.

The Award is divided into two distinct categories by type of school participants:

  • High schools

  • Technical and professional institutes.

Students who are part of one or more classes of the same or more Italian upper secondary schools and who have completed, starting from the school year 2017-2018, a course of alternation between school and work at companies, institutions and professionals are admitted to participate, either individually or in groups. The Award provides for two levels of participation: the first local, promoted and managed by the participating Chambers of Commerce, the second national, managed by Unioncamere, which is accessed only if you pass the local selection.

In Sardinia, the Nuoro Chamber of Commerce, the contact person for BOSA, the registered office of TIA Formazione, has published the regulations for participation at local level.

Info “Stories of alternation”:


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