By Carlo Caloisi – Sep 14, 2022


The blockchain is a shared networked, unchangeable ledger that simplifies the process of recording transactions and tracking assets in a commercial network.

It is composed of a blockchain (from which his name is derived) each of which has three basic characteristics:



  • Data container: can be, by way of example, transaction data in the case of using a NFT (non-fungible token);
  • Hash string, i.e., cryptographic code that uniquely identifies the block and its contents. A new hash is generated each time a block is created;
  • Each block contains the hash of the one before it. It is why it is called a chain and it is also why the blockchain is secure, unchangeable; each hash has the information of the one that follows it and the one that precedes it


Added to these three features is proof of work: a series of additional calculations that make hacking even more difficult.

Numerous fields of application: virtual residence (possible in Estonia), energy networks, insurance, real estate, e-voting (anti-election fraud voting), financial transactions.



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