According to the National Institute for Standards and Technology (NIST), Cloud Computing is “a set of ICT (acronym for Information and Communications Technology) services accessible on-cloud computingdemand and in self-service mode via Internet technologies, based on shared resources, characterized by rapid scalability and timely measurability of performance levels, so that they can be paid for based on consumption.”


It is used as needed (public, hybrid, or private cloud), by individuals and organizations of all commodity types and sizes for a multitude of purposes: data backup, disaster recovery, e-mail, virtual desktops, software development and testing, Big Data analytics, and customer-facing Web applications.

By way of example, among countless possible examples, the health care industry uses it for personalized patient treatment, in finance for the basis of anti-fraud systems, the gaming industry to develop online video games.

Among the advantages :

  • Agility: allows easy access by realizing anything as needed, also being able to provide technology services in a very short time with an extremely reduced speed compared to the past;
  • Elasticity: thanks to cloud computing, it will no longer be necessary to allocate more resources locally and in advance than those used, guaranteeing the possibility of managing any future requests, shaping resources in excess or defect according to business needs;
  • Cost savings: you avoid expenses (e.g., maintaining server rooms including the physical objects in them) by paying only what you actually consume resulting in a lower cost of variable expenses;
  • One can expand business by spreading more easily to any geographical area through the interaction of a few clicks in a very quick time.




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