Digital education: the EURYDICE report

Digital education is primary in schools, but the real question is whether European education systems really succeed in preparing children for the new digital environments. Eurydice is the institutional network that analyses and disseminates information on the organisation of European education systems with a report on this subject. The report published in 2019, covers the school year 2018/2019 and studies the digital education system of primary and secondary schools in all the countries that are part of the Erasmus+ project. The report reveals the need to strengthen digital education. The report addresses different aspects of digital education, which can be summarized in 4 topics:

  1. Development of teachers’ digital skills.
  2. School Curriculum.
  3. Evaluation of students’ digital competences.
  4. National strategies and policies on digital education at school.

The report also offers comparative data that analyse countries with different learning methods. In almost all education systems there is a strong emphasis on digital education, including for teachers, and there is also a demand for digital infrastructure in schools, which is essential to open up awareness in the choice and use of digital systems.

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