Digital transformation: EU budget for the future 2021-2027

digital transformation on EU budget june 2018
Investing in the future digital transformation 2021-2027

The European Commission from 2021-2027 wants to invest in digital transformation, which is thought to be the key to Europe’s growth, through new projects, the next EU budget and the European financial framework, which will support digital investments.

For the period from 2021-2027 a strategy has been created to make the most of the many opportunities offered by the digital transformation, this strategy has as its main objectives the development of digital investments, the focus on areas of public interest and in strengthening some ongoing cooperation with members of the state. The European Commission has created this digital programme with a budget of € 9.2 billion that will be invested in 5 areas, which are:

  • Supercomputing: a digital world will require better computers, so Europe is investing in new technologies to make computers more performing.
  • Artificial Intelligenge: this is the most promising area of new technologies for economic growth that will serve to address new social challenges.
  • Cybersecurity and Trust: in a technological world there must also be greater security to deflect any cyber attacks, but at the same time it will open several opportunities for citizens to connect in this world and exchange information.
  • Advanced Digital Skills: it is an area where people’s skills in using new technologies are focused, that’s why Europe is investing to give all students these new technologies to make the best use of them.
  • Ensuring the wide use of digital technologies across the economy and society: This is an area that serves to ensure the use of digital technologies throughout the economy and society.

The digital transformation has many advantages as it is the heart to connect Europe more easily, Europe will support this innovation also in the economy of small regions, thanks to it there will be an increase in scientific, economic and social research, there will be more investment in digital and throughout these Europe will offer services to all citizens to integrate into this new digital world.

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