E-portfolio : what is it ?

The contemporary digital tools give to users plenty of possibilities not only to learn and improve their skills, but also to present them in a structured and complex manner. One of such innovative and creative methods is the e-portfolio. The digital portfolio, prepared and managed directly by the user, is an online presentation of skills, achievements, experience and work. The portfolio might include various elements, like texts, videos, images, blog notes, etc., which serve to fully illustrate the competences of a person.

This innovative method of presentation is used in different areas. In education, didactics and lifelong learning, the e-portfolio constitutes a perfect tool to collect, register and display the achievements of students. The electronic, easy-accessible form, facilitates the evaluation for teachers, who have a quick insight into the complete overview on a student’s progress. The use of digital tools facilitates communication between teachers and learners and the feedback giving. Moreover, the process of portfolio’s creation brings numerous benefits to learners and helps them to develop critical thinking, to self-evaluate their skills and to improve the knowledge of digital tools. Such a portfolio prepared by a student can be also useful in further education or serve as a presentation while applying for internships or jobs.

The e-portfolio is also widespread in the labour market. Through a digital presentation the candidate who seeks a new job has the possibility not only to present the information about the educational background, experience and skills, but also to show direct examples of work and achievements. A digital portfolio published on a website increases the candidate’s visibility and thus the number of potential employers who may be interested in hiring her/him. In addition, such form allows users to update regularly the content with new materials and information about their knowledge and skills.

Europass e-portfolio

The European Union is promoting the digitalization and usage of web tools in documentation of skills and competences. In order to enable users to display their qualifications and manage careers in a digital way, the EU is working on a new electronic portfolio called the Europass e-portfolio. The new Europass, a free tool available for all individuals from the EU and third countries, will be composed of six interconnected web-based tools. After preparing the personal profile, the user will have the possibility to create and publish a Europass CV, Language Passport and a cover letter. The tools will also include applications to support the determination of skills and goals, a skill-matching tool as well as a tracker of learning and job applications. More information about the Europass e-portfolio can be found on: