TIA Formazione carries out training and project activities for young generations, with the projects carried out with the European Commission Representation in Italy on the issues of communication and European information on training for European journalism projects and Work-based training experiences through the European Erasmus + program and education and training aimed at both young people and adults, always with the basic aim of promoting active European citizenship.
Thanks to this path, the theme of education is central and finds its natural outlet also on innovative learning methodologies in the field of education so that new foundations can be created in a rapidly changing international and local context caused both by the advent of digital transformation is the sociological and cultural change of society in its global context characterized by an economic and cultural crisis.

It is therefore considered essential to turn the attention to new learning methods that will allow us to build the foundations for a modern society that will bring to the center the fundamental cultural and social values ​​for healthy development in order to achieve lasting perspectives. A crisis in the Italian and European educational system is undeniable both for the difficulty of dialogue between the public school and the labor market, precisely because of the digital revolution and the employment crises, and for the crisis of values ​​represented by the social context where school and family can no longer perform an educational and training function appropriate to the times. Tia Formazione is working on the realization of projects that see at the center innovative educational methodologies aimed at young people and adults and that represent good practices to promote at Italian and European level.


Daniel Pennac, writer and teacher, evokes his past as a student and reflects about the education system and the learning process.

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