Entering a new frontier with TIA Formazione and Erasmus

We cultivate love, so that it can give us the strength to face our battles, making us free.

We are used to thinking in a two-sided way, on the one hand “what I would like to do” and on the other “what I should do”.

For years, I have bounced between the two poles, thinking that it was impossible to find a balance between the two in order to express my potential.

There are countless cultural, social and economic influences that prevent us from having the clarity needed to understand the natural direction of our lives.

It is difficult to choose the right path to take when we do not know where these may lead, when there is no one to tell us whether we are doing right or wrong. But a voice inside us speaks to us, if we are good at listening, we can hear it asking us to be loving, to be grateful for what we have received and to give some of it back to the world, in the form of a commitment to ourselves in following our own path, designed in a plan much bigger than ourselves. A commitment that is always repaid, so that we can be grateful again, and repay gratitude with commitment, generating an infinite cycle that has motivated man to create and improve since ancient times, a cycle that I call Love.

The team with which I lived this experience, made up of people who have become figures of great importance to me, whom I admire infinitely and from whom I will take example, managed to transmit love to me in abundant doses, seeing the passion they put into their work and above all, making me feel right, in the right place, at the right time, so that I was able to understand that, probably, the moment in which the commitment to myself begins to pay off, has arrived.

With the Erasmus project I was able to approach a reality otherwise hidden in my daily life, showing me a glimpse of the international reality, with which to confront myself and from which to understand my weaknesses and strengths.

The training, focused on “Design Thinking”, can be useful for anyone who wants to change their perspective on the design of an idea or a product, with the hope of leaving behind inefficient methods to acquire new ones that are more ethical and functional.

 Nicolò Lattuchella