Erasmus Plus Project Results: the Erasmus platform for funded projects

Erasmus Platform for Funded Projects provides access to a database of information on projects funded

Are you interested in finding new partners for your Erasmus Plus project? Do you want to know the projects funded by the Programme in the past years?

Or are you simply looking for new ideas?

The European Commission offers you the opportunity to find out about all the Erasmus Plus projects funded and about some projects approved under previous programmes in the field of education, training, youth and sport such as the Lifelong Learning Programme and Youth in Action.

The online platform is called Erasmus Platform for Funded Projects provides access to a database of information on projects funded through advanced research by year, country, region, programme, action, theme, target group and progress. The search can be done by keyword or by using the advanced options.

An easy way to find inspiration for your next project, “navigating” through good practices and success stories, i.e. projects that have distinguished themselves by political relevance, communication potential or social impact.

It is also possible to download the lists of projects funded by the European Commission under Erasmus Plus from the platform. This will allow you to save the list as an Excel file, filter data and generate statistics on the Programme.

If you are looking for potential partners for your project proposal, the Participants Portal offers you the possibility to search through all registered organisations.

Beneficiaries of funding, on the other hand, through the Erasmus Plus platform, have the opportunity to increase the multiplier effect of their projects by sharing the project results with other people interested in the same topic and by creating thematic networks.

In other words, the platform is a useful tool to improve the visibility of projects and the dissemination of results and is also a good way to promote success stories and best practices of the Erasmus Plus Programme at European level.

The interface of the platform is in English, therefore the beneficiaries of the projects are required to provide their project description and results in English, although it is possible to make available* the products produced within the project in all the official languages of the European Union.

To access the platform go to the official website: Erasmus+ platform for dissemination and exploitation of project

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