European Youth together – EACEA 16/2018 selected – RAYSE abstract

Raising Awareness of Youth Europeans of Second Generation with migration background

Very satisfied with the selection of the project ERASMUS + EACEA 16/2018 deadline 25 May 2018, selected and awarded with 96 first of the projects funded.

The theme second generations of migrants and the title :

Raising Awareness of Youth Europeans of Second Generation with migration background (RAYSE)

Bulgarian, Greek, Spanish, Swedish, Dutch and Italian applicant partners.

This is our summary of the project

European institutions and youth organizations are constantly stressing the importance of youth participation in the promotion of active citizenship, their social inclusion and their contribution to the development of democracy.”

The RAYSE project has double roots: all organisations involved in the project have experience in migration and active citizenship projects. Together partners have detected that a common theme that deserved a deepening is the second generation of European citizens non EU with migration background. Looking also to the current contemporary problems about European integration, all organisations involved in the project have considered extremely important to bring attention to the second generation European citizens to know better their stories, tackle obstacles and face challenges they meet in their country. Storytelling will be the main method that will be used. Their stories will be transferred in a blog and shared with media and common people in Europe. Great attention will be put in understanding why sometimes Europe and its values are felt distant. Through local events organised by each organisation and an international workshop, 6 young people of second generation with non-EU migration background respecting gender equality, will be selected with the aim of creating a strong contact with policy makers instructing the selected young people to become Youth Ambassadors for active citizens of second generation with the aim of replicate the impact at local level. At the same time it will be created a wide network of organisation that will support the Youth Ambassadors supplying tools to be active citizens for second generation. Second generation youth will be involved in specific awareness raising and training activities about being active European citizens of second generation and a meeting with policy makers to the aim of having an impact of policies of the new European Commission in charge from 2019″.

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