Matteo is 17 years old and is doing his first experience alternating school work at TIA Formazione. Like many other high school kids of his age, the world of work is a completely new reality. About this new adventure, he thinks that “almost everything I have done, before I did not know how to do it. At school we are taught to make the annual balance, but it was very useful to do it for the first time really because it makes you understand what happens in a company.” The experience of alternating school work is not only based on practice but also on getting involved on a personal and relational level. Matteo, in fact, is aware that he is “learning a lot at work, I’m taking responsibility and I’m learning to work in pairs comparing my ideas with those of other people. In addition, I have learned to know many projects that I did not know before and that can turn into real opportunities.” Finally, Matteo was able to learn about the daily operations of TIA Formazione in the field of design and management of European projects, seeing first hand the organization of the 2019 mobility of an Erasmus Plus Project in which he had participated in 2018 with his school. For Matteo it was very important to “See and organize the mobility that TIA Formazione makes for young people abroad, I was part of this project last year and it was exciting to live it but it was even more beautiful to see all the work behind it. Even if “the future is uncertain and we don’t know what will happen”, this path made him aware of the work potential and he hopes to “know how the EU works and works”.


Martina is 17 years old and is doing school work alternation with TIA Formazione. This experience represents for her the discovery of a new world “of which I didn’t even know existed” and where practice is fundamental. For her, “creating travel tickets and making contacts for all participants in a project is a very nice thing that makes you understand all the hard work behind a project and better understand how to develop projects and mobility within Europe and how to manage a body. This path has also helped her “to understand more things, to think with my own self, to have my own ideas” and to deal with the experiences in a different way “taking the opportunities on the fly and not being afraid, take advantage of all the opportunities that will come”. Finally, she found this experience very significant in a future perspective because it was fundamental for her CV or “the business card where you can find all the first work experiences”.