“Extremely Eunited” project – online training in June 2020

In June 2020, TIA Formazione, partner of the project “Extremely Eunited – prevent radicalization among youth” coordinated by Dialogue Platform, participated in a training for staff of the project. The training, which due to Covid-19 emergency has been entirely conducted online, consisted of five interesting sessions dedicated to different topics related to the project.

Logo of the project https://www.facebook.com/Extremely-EUnited-112491803826761/

The first training took place on 9 June. During the session, we had an opportunity to listen to the presentation on radicalisation, held by Daniela Pisoiu, senior researcher at the Austrian Institute for International Affair and expert in the field. Ms Pisoiu presented a detailed and wide overview on radicalisation as well as various aspects related to the topic, like radicalization reasons or process, and helped us to understand better the complexity of the subject. On 10 June, we participated in an online workshop, during which we have analyzed four different cases of radicalization and discussed them in groups. “The language that we use” was the title of the third training, which took place on 15 June. The session was dedicated to terrorists’ social media strategies and online narrative, best practices for counter-narrative projects as well as terminology. On 17 June we participated in a training on social media and methods of their effective use. The last session on 25 June focused on GDPR, a Q&A session with the project officer as well as a testimony of Ms Saliha Ben Ali. In 2013 Saliha’s son, nineteen-years-old Sabri, left the family – he said he joined the land of Sham, Syria, and never returned home. She shared with the participants her important testimony and her observations, as since seven years she has been studying the radicalization topic. Overall, the training was a great opportunity to broaden the knowledge of radicalization, counter-narrative and many aspects important for the project.

The Extremely EUnited project aims to reach out to vulnerable youth (13-25 years of age) by creating an innovative online platform that will offer a space where the voice of young people will be heard, challenge the radical propaganda, provide youth with alternatives, develop their resilience and critical thinking mechanisms. The online platform will act as a multilingual hub to disseminate the media contents that will be created in the project such as videos, podcasts, info graphics, photos, drawings and articles on different social media networks. The partners of the project come from numerous European countries: Belgium, Netherlands, Italy, Spain, France, Hungary, Kosovo, Sweden and Estonia.

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