First transnational workshop of the CULiNary ode to DIVERSITY project

The first transnational workshop of the CULiNary ode to DIVERSITY project took place in Modena from 21 to 24 November. 

The workshop was coordinated by SOLIS Srls, with the participation of TIA Formazione, the Spanish partner INSTITUTO IKIGAI and the Belgian partner EMP (European Migration Platform).


During the first day, the partners got to know each other, above all thanks to the first activity carried out.

In fact, each participant was asked to choose a food that reminded them of a particular moment in their life and to tell about it.

In carrying out the activity, it was clear to everyone the connection between food and emotions, moments, feelings, which make us all human and therefore equal, overcoming diversity. 


On the second day in the morning the partners had the opportunity to approach performative art and to learn its importance as a method of expression and connection with others. The activities were based on both dance and theatre, in both cases creating performances based on the stories told the previous day. 

In the afternoon, the partners visited Roots, a restaurant created by the Modena-based NGO Association for the integration of women.

The restaurant is actually a social enterprise whose purpose is the training of migrant women in the culinary field, their connection with the labor market and help in reading contracts and pay slips. 




On the third day the partners took part in a culinary performance art show with the director Paolo Pagliani.

He told the story of Koinè, a theater cooperative founded in 1980 with the aim of breaking the mold of traditional theatre, creating shows that involve the public in the performance and take place outside the theaters.

Their shows often use food as the main character, as a method of connection between humans and nature. 



In the afternoon there was a visit to the traditional balsamic vinegar of Modena Barbieri, whose history is rooted in a family tradition, handed down from generation to generation.


Finally, on the last day the partners gave their feedback on the workshop and on the activities carried out.