TIA Formazione’s core values are represented by respect for human rights in accordance with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the European Convention on Human Rights and the Nice Charter. Our actions are oriented towards creating a more European society, an actor that plays a political role in an international context, therefore promoting activities oriented towards European integration is our main objective. In order to achieve our values, we have chosen the main activities that are implemented through training projects that promote an innovative approach by focusing on EDUCATION, the primary sector around which our wide-ranging projects move. TIA Formazione’s “core activities” are designed for two main targets: young people and adults. At a strategic level, they are defined for a period of three years, aiming at an implementation that is reviewed at the end of each significant project action, which is carried out in one of these main sectors.

For each of the two targets, TIA Formazione is committed to participating in European projects, according to the calls promoted by the Erasmus plus programme (both by the National Agencies and by EACEA) and by the Europe of Citizens programme. It also promotes structured training seminars to provide concrete skills to spend on the labour market.

Its main activities consists in writing, managing and coordinating EU projects and trainings. The relevant areas of projects and trainings are EDUCATION, NEETS, LEADERSHIP , MIGRATION,  and MEDIA LITERACY . In the section EU PROJECTS you can find all projects ongoing written and managed in cooperation with international partners in the listed sectors.

Given the above one of the more relevant activity is represented by WORK BASED LEARNING ACTIVITIES for ERASMUS PLUS projects whose aim is to organize internship for EU students in Sardinia in the sector of food and wine, tourism, restaurants, hotel.

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