Funds for the protection of external borders and managing migration given by the EU Commission DG HOME to ITALY.

European-CommissionManaging migration and protecting our external borders are the main priorities for the European Union.

For several years, Italy has been at the forefront of migration management along the central Mediterranean route. The Commission continues to support Italian efforts to improve the situation by mobilising long-term and emergency funding. Since the beginning of 2015, the Commission has allocated EURÂ 202.44 million in emergency aid to the Italian authorities, as well as international organisations and NGOs operating in Italy. This emergency funding comes on top of the €653.7 million already allocated to Italy under the 2014-2020 national programmes (€387.70 million from AMIF and €266.02 million from ISF).

The Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund

The Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund supports Italian national efforts to improve reception capacities, to ensure that asylum procedures are in line with EU standards, to integrate migrants at local and regional level and to increase the effectiveness of return programmes.

The Internal Security Fund supports national efforts to achieve a high and uniform level of external border control and to combat cross-border organised crime. Emergency aid has been allocated to support the Italian authorities, including border surveillance and search and rescue operations, by improving reception capacities, in particular for unaccompanied minors, legal and psychosocial counselling for migrants and refugees. Attached is the information from the European Commission updated in December 2018

Attachment: European Agenda Migration

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*Data updated in December 2018

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