Integration: the only way forward for Europe of Tomorrow

Europe of tomorrow
Andrea Maresi, EMISEI ERAMUS PLUS participant and Alberto Nico, both members of TIA Formazione’s staff

A city within a city, a segment of society on the edge of the city, in the eastern geographical banana that connects the municipalities to the very strong foreign immigration of Scharbeek up to Molenbeek.

A seemingly distracted reality invisible to the eyes of tourists or residents of the bourgeois municipalities of Brussels, but pulsating with life and hope in the eyes and minds of the thousands of immigrants who arrive in Belgium and invest their future thanks to the practices of training and social integration of associations and French and Dutch-speaking NGOs.

As for the latter, minority language in numbers in the French enclave of the Belgian capital, the activity is constantly on the move thanks to the targeted learning paths of the different realities available to immigrants who choose the Flemish card for social and employment integration with targeted free courses provided by CVO, VDAB, Lethas, House of Nederland or BON.

These structures seek in synergy and cooperation thanks to an impact job, if it is true that almost 2/3 of the immigrants who have followed these Dutch training courses in the last three years have found employment, to offer both a future to these young people and a skilled workforce to a rapidly expanding Flemish-speaking labour market.

Thanks to EMISEI and to the European project funded by the Erasmus Plus programme, I had the opportunity to participate and experience this interesting reality of qualified and motivated teachers and students eager for social redemption through an intensive one-week journey through the mesh of integration.

A bet that still has to be won in full, but which is the only way forward for the Europe of tomorrow.

Andrea Maresi

EMISEI eramus plus

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