The internationalization action is implemented through being a member of several European education networks EARLALL (life long learning), ESREA (research and adult education).

As far as the EDUCATION of ADULTS is concerned, our aim is to improve the competences of the staff by collaborating with European partners in order to improve the internal competences and consequently also the international competitiveness of TIA Formazione. TIA Formazione offers and promotes adult education courses to public and private bodies in the areas of LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT.

In the youth field, TIA Formazione promotes and supports innovative activities in the field of EDUCATION, with the aim of promoting projects aimed at enhancing talents and developing entrepreneurship with work-based learning experiences by virtue of the participation and writing of ERASMUS + VET projects both with mobility projects and hosting students for internship and internship experiences in the university field.

TIA is also active in projects in favour of NEETS, by definition neither in the field of employment nor in the field of education or training and carries out numerous learning activities based on work for young people also internally in its organization in agreement with public schools.

Tia Formazione has an agreement with secondary schools in the Sardinia Region and is an active member of networks of schools and universities (Sassari, Roma Tre and Sapienza).

The internationalization strategy also aims to implement hosting activities for students who come from Europe and want to make work based learning experiences in Italy, especially in Sardinia, with the new brand Hostour Sardinia

It has been also developed an APP living from the city of BOSA.

The Institutional strategy provides for collaboration in European projects and public events in collaboration with local authorities in the Sardinian territory such as the three of the Department of Tourism, Education and Training of the Region of Sardinia, the consortia of hotels and businesses in the hotel sector for work-based learning projects and the municipalities of Bosa (registered office of the Association), Oristano and Olbia.

The International strategy aims at the concrete implementation of at least three European projects per year in the Youth and Adult sectors, financed under ERASMUS +. This strategy is the result of an analysis shared with the Board and members of a relative action plan drawn up in August and September of each year, a strategy approved by the Board and presented each year to the members’ meeting.

To implement this strategy, TIA Formazione relies on a network of professionals in the field of training and design, annual participation in at least three training courses, attended annually by the manager and members of the board, in order to improve specific skills, not only in specific areas of activity, but also aimed at investing in personal growth. In this sense, the leadership and authenticity sector related to education is an example.

It is established and planned every year the participation of the staff involved in the infoday of the specific calls for which we intend to present projects, both in Italy and in Bruxelles.

At the end of each year, which corresponds to the arrival of the results of the projects, usually in the months of July-August, the strategy is defined, whose indicators are represented by the concrete results of the project actions presented, by the number of participants in training seminars promoted, by the active networks, by the new collaborations and the number of new networks to which you decide to join.

The themes of the projects are discussed with solid partnership networks, built over the years, always aiming to open collaborations with new European and international partners.

Since September 2018, TIA Formazione has opened a branch in Brussels, where it is opening the collaboration to other associations. The opening of a seat in Brussels is also allowing a more direct relationship with the European Commission, also facilitating our participation in initiatives that take place in Brussels promoted both by our networks and by the European Institutions. Tia Formazione has also promoted seminars and events for the dissemination of projects within European Institutions such as the Parliament and the Committee of the Regions, in collaboration with other Italian and European Institutions.

TIA Formazione is also active in Mediterranean cooperation projects such as ENI CBC MED, where just this year has been partner of an EU project, just presented, where TIA Formazione has had also the role of creating the partnership and leading and writing the project applied by ROMA TRE University.