Francesco took part in the Erasmus Plus project IVGG  (International Volunteering Global Goals) –  Aachen, Germany (1-7 July 2019).

Initially I was scared of the idea of ​​leaving because I didn’t know any of my companions and I was afraid of getting bored above all and instead I had to change my mind.

 Starting with my companions who immediately showed themselves to be open to dialogue and very available, the journey up to their arrival in Germany was light in their company, as far as activities are concerned, even those that turned out to be more interesting than expected, very involving as far as  I think we didn’t have a lot to do with the other guys, I think the age difference was an obstacle, but in any case the activities helped a lot to interact with each other, forcing us to be alone without traveling companions.

 This experience helped me to get out of my comfort zone to face a journey where I had to take care of tickets and also to be with people I didn’t know but who then showed themselves to be excellent traveling companions.

 The ice-breaking games were really fun and proved useful for melting us a bit.

 Teamwork has been the fixed point for every activity, everyone has put their skills and experience into play to help their mates and work at their best, for me it was the first time I had to deal with these activities for a project  Erasmus while the other boys had already had experience and this helped me.

 This experience has been very useful, I hope to have the chance to repeat it with greater awareness in the future.

Francesco M.

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