Eleonora took part in the Erasmus Plus project IVGG  (International Volunteering Global Goals) –  Aachen, Germany (1-7 July 2019).

I was immediately determined to participate in the mobility because I considered it as an opportunity not to be missed. Both because it meant taking a trip, getting to know a new place and having an experience different from the others, and also because I had never done an erasmus and so it would have been something I had never tried before. To date, one day at the end of the week, I have been fully pleased to have not doubted a single moment of my choice, and to have taken this opportunity. In this week, I’ve learned a lot of new things about volunteer associations and things related to this topic. Also, speaking and listening frequently to English was definitely a very useful thing in order to improve my language skills with regard to it, and there was also the knowledge of new people, with cultures, languages, ways of doing very different from my own and those of my companions. Knowing someone with a lifestyle so different from yours allows you to open your mind and broaden your point of view on certain things. Another thing that I think is important, was to be able to forge relationships with the companions with whom I started. At first we didn’t know each other, and this experience allowed us to establish relationships and have fun together. This experience made me realize how important it is for each of us to do something, even in our own small way, to improve and find solutions to some problems. It’s really very easy to contribute to the improvement and resolution of a problem, at any time you can do something good, even for example, just throwing a plastic bottle in the basket and not on the beach. The activities carried out were mainly in groups, and this allowed me to compare my ideas and thoughts with those of my teammates, as well as to collaborate and finally find a solution that would thrill everyone. This experience has been full of positive aspects, and if I were to recapture another opportunity like this I would certainly not hesitate just as I did with this one.

Eleonora P.

Translated with DeepL

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