Filomena took part in the Erasmus Plus project IVGG  (International Volunteering Global Goals) –  Aachen, Germany (1-7 July 2019).

The experience of a week we had in Aachen allowed us to get to know young people of different nationalities and to discuss particularly relevant issues concerning our society today. We have carried out various group activities, which have allowed us to consolidate our ability to work as a team and to reflect on what are the SDG that possibly will be implemented in 2030.
Our days were held within a seminar, in which we were sorted into groups in order to work on projects on different topics, from SDGs to various voluntary associations; we prepared posters, computer magazines, videos and sketches. The third day we met two members of the association MISEREOR which told us about their volunteer missions: it was very interesting because we have identified with their stories, and this made us understand that acting for the good of others before it is too late is important. The fourth day we visited a social park.
This trip was very useful for me personally, both to strengthen my spirit of collaboration with others and to improve my English. We met very kind and helpful young people with cultures very different from ours, who we had the opportunity to know thanks to an intercultural event held on the second day of stay. In addition, my companions and I had a lot of fun together during this week, which made the experience even more special.
Probably if I could repeat this experience many more times.

Filomena S.

Translated with DeepL