Flavia took part in the Erasmus Plus project IVGG  (International Volunteering Global Goals) –  Aachen, Germany (1-7 July 2019).

This week’s experience has allowed us to deepen our knowledge on topics of global importance and to learn new things in various fields. We have carried out different types of activities related to sustainable development goals and the various voluntary associations that operate worldwide. These activities took place in a seminar, starting at 9:30 a.m., throughout the week. Generally, we were divided into groups and assigned topics for research, the results of which were then presented in different ways depending on the type of activity (posters, articles, theatre sketches…). This allowed us to increase our capacity for collaboration and communication and to improve our knowledge of topics that we had not previously paid much attention to. Thanks to our research and the stories of people who have taken part in voluntary activities we found that our intervention could be very important to improve problematic situations in various parts of the world, as the participation of each individual is important to help organizations acting to achieve the goals set by the 2030 agenda. I had never taken part in such experiences before, but I am very happy to have participated. I have met many new people, with different traditions than ours, this has allowed us to share aspects of our cultures and to compare ourselves. It was a lot of fun to spend time with them, and with my fellow travelers, whom I had the opportunity to get to know better and with whom I had a good relationship during this week. I am very satisfied and would like to have more such experiences in the future.


Translated with DeepL