Alberto Nico has accompanied the students during the mobility of the ERASMUS PLUS project IVGG (International Volunteering Global Goals) – Aachen, Germany (1-7 July 2019)

The 17 sustainable development objectives agreed by the United Nations, which are the basis of the mobility that has just come to an end, are a fundamental issue that must be taken up by States and present generations in order to leave a better world for future generations.
This is the aim of the international exchange foreseen by the Erasmus+ project “International Volunteering for Global Goals” which saw young people of different nationalities meet in Aachen, share ideas, sometimes different, and create future projects on how to address the main social, environmental and economic problems in order to achieve the objectives set by the UN.
During the week, fundamental importance was given to the part of formal education consisting of learning about the 17 objectives of sustainable development, the role of voluntary organizations in the global context, and elements of project cycle management.
Even more important was the informal education part in which children learned, from each other, to confront each other, interact, reason and confront each other on different solutions to the same problems.
It was very interesting to note that the diversity of participants is channelled towards common solutions in terms of social and gender policies. Through dialogue and interaction, participants from different languages and religions (Muslim, Catholic and Orthodox) came up with the same solutions on common problems in all EU and non-EU countries.
Although this is not my first experience in Erasmus+ projects, you never cease to be amazed by people. Boys and girls who are fun, intelligent, attentive to the environment and future generations, simple and open-minded. Each of them leaves a mark and enriches. After all, it is the interaction with different cultures that enriches us. This is Erasmus+. This is how Europe and the European people are built.

Alberto Nico

Translated with DeepL

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