New strategic agenda for the Eu

A new strategic agenda from 2019 to 2024

On 20 June 2019 the European Council agreed on a new strategic agenda for the next five years, i.e. from 2019 to 2024, this agenda sets out the objectives and priorities on which Europe will invest primarily, four priorities that are:

  • Protecting citizens and freedoms.
  • Develop a strong and dynamic economic base.
  • Building a climate-neutral Europe.
  • Promote European interests and values on the world stage.

Europe wants to create a place where its citizens feel safe and above all free, defending their rights and freedoms and obviously protecting them from possible threats, in this area Europe mainly wants to invest in different points, such as border control, good cooperation between countries, a fight against illegal immigration, all to ensure that there is a peaceful situation within the EU.

To ensure that the second priority thrives Europe is planning different strategies to beat competition and combat employment, all to have a good economic basis, which you want to achieve by giving value to the euro, creating new banking markets, working on all aspects of the digital revolution and artificial intelligence and ensure fair competition within the EU.

However, before we are concerned about the other three priorities, Europe must combat climate change, which is a major threat to the whole world, and that is why we are investing heavily in technological development, ensuring that no one is left behind, because Europe wants to ensure that the policies agreed in the Paris Agreement are respected, it wants to be less dependent on external resources, it wants to improve air and water quality, and it wants to promote sustainable agriculture.

Despite these priorities, ‘the EU must pursue a strategic course of action and increase its capacity to act autonomously to safeguard its interests, the European Council has agreed the following key actions:

  • Support the UN and key multilateral organisations.
  • Promote sustainable development and implement the 2030 agenda.
  • Cooperation with partner countries on migration issues.
  • Develop a comprehensive partnership with Africa.
  • Ensure an ambitious and sound trade policy.

This strategic agenda will be the first step towards a better European Union and the European Council will closely monitor the implementation of these priorities and, if necessary, define further general policy orientations and priorities.

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