Our Council Directive

Different professional profiles are involved in the activities of TIA Formazione: graphic designers, social media managers, legal experts, european policies experts, european project managers, communication managers, ICT experts, administrative staff, trainers.

In line with the programme and policies  2021-2027 the activities are aimed at the management, implementation and conception of European projects in several programmes from Erasmus Plus to CERV, from Creative Europe to Horizon Europe   In some cases we offer advice in the field of European and regional calls. The main themes are addressed to young people with particular attention to MIGRATION, EDUCATION, ENTREPRENEURSHIP, LEADERSHIP, MENTORING and VET projects.

Tia Formazione also organizes projects for adult education and job shadowing of European teachers in Italian public schools.

TIA Formazione is also in team with PFE  Projects for Europe that is our member of network TIAPFE for partnership in Belgium .



Expert in European policies. Founder of TIA Formazione, she coordinates the activities of European planning and training. Trainer of leadership courses and personal growth. Degree in Foreign Languages and Literatures, two second-level masters in European and geopolitical policies and numerous specialization courses in sectors related to professional activities. Legally President of TIA Formazione.

Business, Strategy and Development Director.

Contacts: presidente@tiaformazione.org & inescaloisi.tiaformazione@gmail.com


Francesco Mura

Born in Oristano, communication and information technology enthusiast, since 2011 he founded his own company dealing with advertising graphics, website creation and web marketing. Creative and passionate about unconventional marketing, he deals with the creation of the company’s brand and the creation of promotional campaigns.
Skills: Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign, CMS opensource, SEO, Google Adwords.

Member of Council directive TIA Formazione


Alberto Nico

Graduated in Law at the University of Bari “Aldo Moro” and specialized at the University of Rome “Guglielmo Marconi”. Lawyer and business consultant. In 2016 he acquired the certification of “Technician for the Planning of Financial Projects STA.601” in accordance with ISO/IIEC 17024:2012. Since 2014 he has been a consultant in the field of EU Project Management for companies, law firms and commercial firms. Tutor for the Apulian regional calls NIDI and Microcredit. Consultant, tutor certified ENM (ENTE NAZIONALE MICROCREDITO).

Member of council directive TIA Formazione