The objectives of ANIMATOPEDIA, are to:

-Prevent and redirect sex-based discrimination and (sexual) harassment, including digital harassment, and promote gender equality among young people through education

-Combat sexism and gender stereotypes in the young generation

– Advance and empower women in general, migrant and refugee women, and the LGBTQA community The abovementioned objectives are directly related and interconnected with the selected priorities.

ANIMATOPEDIA bring a few innovations in the field of gender equality and non-discrimination, for youth:

– Better understanding and increased knowledge of state of the art on the topic in the partner countries

– Increased knowledge and participation for young people and youth workers/trainers through digital means.

– Innovative multi-layered approach/methodology (WP2) that will offer young people and youth workers/trainers a hands-on experience in the project through the digital and non-digital resources (WP3) and piloting and training activities (WP4).

– Innovative, interactive videos with alternative endings can be found online (WP3). Videos based on real stories and examples, aiming to put the user into the “victim’s” shoes.

– Webinar for young people and youth workers/trainers (WP3)

– Toolkit/guide for youth workers (WP3)

The goal is to:

– foster innovation in terms of scope, methods and practices, and content

– ensure a transfer of innovation thus ensuring the exploitation of innovative project results and/or transferability into different contexts and audiences at EU level.

Therefore, ANIMATOPEDIA is innovative because it brings a newer perspective of sex-based discrimination, (sexual) harassment, and gender equality education, both online and offline, aiming to train young people and youth workers on the topic. Accordingly, it will develop new products that will better fit the target group. It also offers the target groups the opportunity to make connections among gender and certain thematic areas such as migration, peace and security; sexual and reproductive health; sexual and gender diversity and human rights; and violence against women.

Animatopedia Kick-off meeting – 2 February 2023 – Brussels

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