The Boosting sociaL mediA preSence veT (BLAST) project’s main activities aim to achieve the following goals: Improving the capacity of VET schools to use social media; Increasing the attractiveness of VET; Promoting the increased flexibility of opportunities in VET by using social media’s digital tools; Boosting the positive image of VET as a future-fit educational system. The desired outcome is to bring a positive change in VET schools by increasing enrolment rates. The partnership will develop a handbook – “Guidelines for social media management of vocational schools”, to accomplish the desired outcomes. This practical guide will help facilitate the required knowledge for cultivating an audience in a click-to- connect world. The BLAST project will provide its participants with tailor-made training to further develop VET school’s social media managers’ skills and effectively promote their school’s image to both potential students and their parents. The project expects ultimately expect to achieve an improved VET image through BLAST. We foresee a better understanding of the permeability of VET, which will consequently lead to increased enrolment rates. It wants to enable the perception of VET as an attractive entry ticket into the global education system, which is on par with general education. The intended result of increased VET attractiveness for learners will, in consequence, encourage individuals to choose VET deliberately.

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