Competence for Life



The ERASMUS PLUS KA1 Mobility of Youth Workers is a project managed by HODINA H  (Czech Republic) and foresees an international Training Course “Competence for Life” focused on thedevelopment of the key competence within the concept of the non-formal education with the emphasis on the support of creativity, invention, enterpreneurship to achieve better state in thelabour market through the application of the learning outcomes of the international youth project and base for furhter personal development.

The Training Course is aimed at the development of the quality educational activity offering the space to explore the creative approach and enterpreneurship as a part of the personal development which is an important part of the international youth projects and future success input for  employability. The Trainig course is contributing to the development of the quality in the youth  project’s learing process and its elements.

The ojectives of the project are:

  • To analyse the potential of the Erasmus+ projects towards the equipment for the labout market and capital for the further personal development
  • To develop the competence and capacity of the participants in the main theme of the TC
  • To create the quality non-formal methods/project addressing the main theme of the TC and its implementation
  • To find the common understanding and the link among creativity, innvention and enterpreneurship to be put in practice
  • To share and exchange experience
  • To support the contact making and networking

Target groups are:

  • youth trainers/workers
  • youth trainers/workers who are actively working with young people as a professional or on the voluntary basis
  • participants that have an active attitude!


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