Consulting EUTH

Consulting EUth is an AMIF approved project that aims to support the setting up of consultative bodies of youth migrants at local and EU level in close cooperation with public authorities, aiming at involving youth migrants/refugees in active political life, co-designing policies addressed to migrants and refugees. Creating a system of EU and local consultative bodies involving migrants and refugees in designing policies is the main outcome of the project, that takes into account the different frameworks of legislations of the different member States involved in the project, based on a multi-stakeholder approach promoted by a partnership composed by NGO expert in training and education, Universities, Municipalities and governmental LA. Partners belong to Spain, Italy, Greece, France, Malta, Sweden, Belgium,The Netherlands. For all partners, the project represents an opportunity to capitalize and upscale experiences from past projects involving youth with migration background, enhancing capacity building, designing and implementing policy areas that affect youth with the aim of improving a long term sustainable system of social inclusion. Project starts with a research based on a desk research activity that foresees also the collection of best practices (through questionnaires) made by each country involved. This phase focuses on the social obstacles that prevent a sustainable social inclusion.The methodology used combines desk research, comparative quantitative and qualitative indicators using stakeholders’ questionnaires, awareness campaigns and design thinking method and training activities that involves youth with migration background in designing policies.  Active participation of migrants in these consultative and decision-making processes can contribute to their empowerment and long-term integration into society for a mutual and better understanding and improvement of the policy framework in each country. The projects develops concrete awareness for the Member States that host Immigrants.



🥳🥳🥳🥳 The Team FUTURE US is the winner of the CEUTH Hackathon with their Stay EngagEd idea! 👏👏👏

Their work focused on developing a policy for youth migrants/refugees to participate in active political life. This policy should take into account the need to ensure meaningful participation of youth migrants and refugees in decision making processes.

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The You(th) for the Future Hackathon’s goal is to assist migrants in securing a voice and an active role in policy development.

Download the Starter Kit, the document provides you with all the information you need to participate in the You(th) for the Future Hackathon.

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