Project number 2022-1-IT02-KA210-ADU-000081479

CULiNary project aims to promote migrant and refugees inclusion through the pairing of food and theatre awareness and the development of friendly educational materials for adult trainers and creating final performances involving trainers, migrants, refugees and audiences. The project wants to make visible, reflect, understand and deal with immigration from a disruptive approach, which is familiar to us, and known by all cultures: food and theatre with the aim of co-creating training models that use theatrical language, as an act of social inclusion.

Specific objectives:

– To foster inclusion of adult migrants and refugees by developing theatrical language skills, increasing networking, integrating the new environmental context and valuing their knowledge and experiences

– To provide adult trainers, of the partner organizations, with educational tools so that they can implement inclusion workshops related to theatrical and food languages and to use the scenic piece as a vehicle for debate that involves the staff, the migrants, refugees, and the public.

The number of people arriving on European in search for asylum, fleeing war and persecution as well as lack of economic perspectives in the Middle East, Central and South Asia or West Africa, is increasing substantially and now more with the Russian-Ukraine war. These people face the challenge of inclusion and integration into society – from the job market, housing and education to societal participation. There is a need for innovative ways to value migrants’ and refugees’ experience and motivation by facilitating intercultural dialogue with host society members. Food and theatre are universal languages, emotional spurs that are part of the collective imagination, and that are shared in the community, are usually related to happiness and celebration. Humanity has always been on the move, and there has always been a reason. A need. Whether due to armed conflicts, extreme poverty, exploitation, climate change, work, studies, love or adventure. Whether out of obligation, for a better life or a dream, the reality is that our cities are a multi-cultural and multi-ethnic melting pot. For this reason, the theatrical piece wants to carry out a gastronomic fusion with the help of a chef and a fictional plot that includes multidiversity to visualize it in an innovative staging.


Kick off meeting Modena, 21-24 nov 2022



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