Preventing radicalization among youth – “Extremely Eunited” EU project

Radicalization is a complex issue which has existed in humanity since centuries. It is defined as the “process by which an individual or a group comes to adopt increasingly radical views in opposition to social, religious or political status quo”¹. The radicalization concerns various religions, nationalities or ethnic groups. The reasons why people embrace radical opinions might be different; however, the extremism can lead to acts of violence and constitute a threat to people’s security. As digitalization is proceeding and social media are evolving, extremist groups find new ways to spread their messages and to communicate. The digital tools make it easier for them to reach also young people, who are particularly vulnerable to violent and extreme propaganda. In order to help the member states to prevent and to counter radicalization, the European Union offers various instruments which support projects and research in this area ².

“Extremely Eunited – prevent radicalization among youth”

Extremely Eunited is a project financed from the EU ISF Police fund, which aims at preventing radicalization among young people between 13 and 25 years of age. Started in January 2020 and coordinated by the applicant, the Belgian association Dialogue Platform, the project involves fourteen partners from different European countries, including Belgium, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, Kosovo, France, Hungary, Sweden and Estonia. TIA Formazione is one of the partners of the project.

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The project consists of seven online campaigns for the purpose of promoting dialogue, tolerance, cultural diversity and fundamental European values. The actions will focus on challenging violent narratives, counteracting hate and violent speech, offering alternative narratives and empowering youth. Through various series of videos dedicated to different topics, as well as other actions such as workshops, an art contest or an online platform for youth debate, the young people will have the possibility to express their voice and at the same time develop critical thinking and resilience.

The Extremely EUnited project includes also workshops, lectures and debates for teachers and experts working with youth at risk of radicalization and violent tendencies.

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