TIA Formazione – ebook “Connecting European Intercultural Youth. RAYSE EU project results”

Fosca Barbato & Agnieszka Kurzeja

The ebook “Connecting European Intercultural Youth. RAYSE EU project results” presents in detail the project RAYSE, Raising Awareness of Youth Europeans of Second Generation with Migration Background, funded by EACEA. The project, conceived and led by TIA Formazione, was implemented between September 2018 and April 2020 in collaboration with four partner organizations from Greece, Spain, Bulgaria and Sweden. The main goal of RAYSE is to focus on the EU citizens of the second generation with non-EU migration background, the challenges they face and their connection with the European Union.

The publication, written by Fosca Barbato and Agnieszka Kurzeja (Tia Formazione Staff), contains detailed information about the RAYSE project: its phases, implementation and results. Attention is given also to the young participants, the second generation youth from six countries, who thanks to the project had a possibility not only to share their testimonies and experiences as second generation migrants, but also to bring their problems to the attention of the European Union during the direct meeting with Members of the European Parliament in Brussels. The ebook presents the profiles of the European intercultural youth and collects their testimonies. In the special interviews Youth Ambassadors, representatives of the second generation youth elected during the meeting in Brussels, tell more about the most important issues the European Union should address as well as their impressions from the project.

The ebook is enriched by the contributions of other participants: former MEP Niccolò Rinaldi, prof. Fabio Masini from the University Roma Tre, Andrea Maresi from the European Parliament and Ines Caloisi (Rayse Project Manager). The readers will find also a photographic gallery, which includes pictures from the local events organized in different countries as well as the three-day-long international meeting which took place in Brussels from 4 to 6 February 2020.

“Connecting European Intercultural Youth. RAYSE EU project results” gives not only a detailed overview of the various phases of this important project, but it also draws our attention to the challenges faced by the second generation because of their background and the importance of social integration in the constantly changing demographic landscape of the contemporary Europe.

The ebook edited by TIA Formazione can be found on:

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