TIA Formazione

Tia Formazione has been founded on 2011. It’s a no profit organisation registered in Italy with an operative site in Brussels.

Tia Formazione promotes since foundation EU policies whose target are youth and Adults especially in the field of education.

Tia Formazione cooperates with European organizations and it is a member of transnational networks. The main activities of TIA Formazione are directed towards youth and adults involving them in many projects. From 2021 the activities is also addressed to Over 50 years old looking up at their new challenges in these turbulent times.

It develops targeted training projects in European planning themes or aimed at acquiring skills to be spent in the labour market, strengthening soft skills or through job market orientation projects.

The main focus projects are addressed to develop a new leadership approach based on authenticity, projects on migration aimed to valorize the added value of migration and social inclusion, promotes media literacy and all activities whose objectives is create a bridge with job market also in the sector of entrepreneurship.

Tia is partner of several European networks and it is also active in Mediterranean area.

Sometimes, when possible, with its staff of consultants TIA provides support in writing European and regional projects, especially the ones published in Regions such as Puglia, Lazio and Sardinia

Legal Document: download here

PIF (updated 12/10/2022): download here

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