Chiara took part in the Erasmus Plus project TOUR SKILLS during the second mobility (Madrid 2019).

This Erasmus experience was an important experience for me, it made me understand what it means to work and build up at the same time, having had such an opportunity was fantastic and I invite everyone to do it if they had the opportunity.the work done here in Madrid made me interact a lot with people and improved my approach with Spanish and English, now I feel more confident than me and my skills.I have understood what I can do, and now I have a clearer assessment of my resources and the obstacles I can face. during this experience I have been lucky enough to come across people with opposing visions of mine and I have been able to measure myself against them in a mature way.This experience will certainly help me in the future as far as the world of work is concerned, I have learned about customer management and the right way to interact with each one of them, and I will always take the time spent here in Madrid with me.


M.K. Gandhi

Translated with DeepL