Daria took part in the Erasmus Plus project TOUR SKILLS during the first mobility (Seville 2018).

Guys, qué pena! This magnificent experience is just around the corner. What can I say? What did I learn? What has a me changed? Who was I before Seville? Who am I now? Well, it’s hard to make a list of all the things I’ve learned. As soon as you arrive in a city as big as Seville the first thing to learn is to orient yourself: in fact, before finding the way to get to work it took a long time and a lot of patience. The second thing I learned, or rather that I noticed or even better, that has pleasantly surprised me is that this city is really very welcoming: a lot of families welcome kids like us into their homes and treat them as if they were their children and I think that’s a beautiful thing. As far as the language is concerned, I learned a lot of new words that I had never heard before and I definitely improved my pronunciation and my language level; this was my first goal for this experience. Of course I didn’t understand everything they told me during the first days of work, but now it’s much better. As for the work, I’m learning, and I’ve learned so much that I never did at school. For the staff in the restaurant where I work, what I like best is the fact that they treat me as if I were a normal employee with the same skills. I like that they never underestimate me; and then their welcome and sympathy; they always try to make me feel good. I conclude by trying to define what has changed in me: to begin with, before leaving I was a very shy girl who could not ask for information on the street, because she was ashamed; there is still a little ‘shyness, let’s be clear, but in part I managed to overcome it. Also because without the indications I would never have been able to move around the city… in fact so I could visit the beauties that the city offers, I have a couple of other things to see these days …. now I’m an expert!!!! But the most important thing about this experience is that I have met a lot of wonderful people, really. I FUN and I’m FUN a lot, we could combine the work experience to that of leisure and socialization and this has made everything más especial!!!!!!!


Don Deodato Meloni

Translated with  DeepL