Luca took part in the Erasmus Plus project TOUR SKILLS during the first mobility (Seville 2018).

After long months of waiting, the Erasmus+ project has finally started. I waited anxiously and uncertainly for the day of departure. Now, when there is only a week left before the end of the experience, thanks to this Erasmus I have understood many things. First of all, that I don’t have to be afraid to face new experiences, because these are the ones that could help me and change me, both in my work and in my life. Before leaving I was very scared: I had never studied Spanish, “I won’t learn anything!” I thought. Instead, thanks to the contact with people who speak only that language (in the family and at work) it is much easier to learn it.

We started out in Cagliari with a beautiful and above all united group, together with our teacher who helped us, supported (and endured!) in this experience.

As soon as we arrived in Seville the families were waiting for us, together with my companion Roberto we ended up in a very nice family: Javi and Marta, two fantastic people welcomed us with open arms and treated us very well.

Erasmus also helped me to be more independent. Why not? Also to be careful with money, which seems easy, but it’s not at all. As for the work I learned a lot of new things and improved the others, in my restaurant (Plato Platò) they made me feel very good, at ease despite we spoke in two languages that are similar but very different. The kitchen and dining room staff are all very nice.

Unfortunately in a few days I will have to leave, leaving a beautiful city, an ‘unforgettable experience that I will remember forever.


Don Deodato Meloni

Translated with DeepL

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