Matteo took part in the Erasmus Plus project TOUR SKILLS during the first mobility (Seville 2018).

This was my first out-of-home experience both in terms of my work and the fact that I had to live in another house. As far as the family is concerned, I really enjoyed myself.

As for the group I left with, there is nothing to say about fantastic, friendly and friendly people who made this experience even more fascinating and who would not have been the same without them.

As for the work I found myself immediately well, I found “colleagues” really good and helpful with me but also very competent in their work and have taught me many things, of which I did not even know the existence, being the only one in the field of ‘A.F.M. and also being my first work experience I must say that I found myself quite well, and I hope to do more. Having already been in Spain, in Madrid, I more or less understood Spanish, but now I have learned many more things, and I have learned to know a culture that at first glance seems similar to ours but in truth is completely different.

The only negative point of this trip is the distance from home, I’ve heard it and I’m really feeling it also for the not very beautiful events that happened in Italy, but I feel like I’m another person, a stronger guy this one.

This is a truly unique experience, everyone should have an opportunity like this having another chance to do it I would not think twice and leave. This experience has marked me forever.





Tralstaed with DeepL

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