Fosca Barbato has edited the TOUR SKILLS Project’s Blog available at the following link and the EBOOK of the project.

The Erasmus+ VetTourSkills project has not only been a reason for professional and individual growth, it has been an experience that has allowed 93 students to get closer to Europe thanks to the enrichment in work, culture and personnel that will help to create the Europe of tomorrow. The 93 students who left for Seville and Madrid joined this family of young Europeans, the so-called Erasmus Generation, on tiptoe, sometimes unaware of the meaning and value of this European programme that has accompanied us for more than 30 years. They started with some doubt and some fear, but with many expectations. As soon as they arrived in Spain, they told us about the difficulties of finding our way through the alleys of Seville or through the tangled lines of the Madrid metro, the language barriers and the initial embarrassment with the host families and employers. Day after day, the streets of Seville and Madrid have become less impervious, the language less complex, the habits and customs less strange. They told us how they became more independent and responsible, confident in their abilities, open to others and new experiences. Without a doubt, some people may have missed the air of home, the quiet of their own country or neighborhood, but for many this mobility has been an opportunity to go beyond their own security zone.

This experience is only a starting point and for many of them and it will only be  the first of many cultural exchanges, internships and scholarships abroad. There are many opportunities to grow as European citizens, but they need to be seized and, above all, they need to be known. This project has also given them this opportunity, to know a world of opportunities that goes beyond the sphere of everyday life. For this reason we are sure that no one has said goodbye to the cities that have left once taken the plane to return home but a simple goodbye.

Fosca Barbato

Translated with DeepL