Rosella Uda is the Headmaster of Pischedda School (Bosa, Italy). A group of students from her school took part in the mobility activities of the VET TOUR SKILLS project.

The pupils’ gaze and smile when they return from an Erasmus experience is a tangible sign that they have made the right choice. To offer them the opportunity to live a formative and professional experience abroad, which allows them to grow on an emotional, educational, civil and professional level. In fact, we grow through comparison with other realities, different from that in which we live every day, we grow by learning to read the reality, the realities, acquiring the ability to be “critical” and reflective, to gradually become European citizens.

I believe this is the true and ultimate meaning of the Erasmus projects: to allow young people to acquire the cognitive, experiential and professional tools to become active and responsible citizens, able to interpret and read critically the events through the way of confrontation and mutual understanding.

The VET TOUR SKILLS project was also this: it not only allowed the acquisition of professional skills and the ability to recognize the specificity of the cultural heritage and tourist trends of the host countries, but, like all Erasmus projects, went further, accompanying the students in their growth as European citizens.

I don’t know what is the current level of awareness of the positive “effects” of the Erasmus experience on the part of our students, but I know that little by little the weapon of time will allow them to fully appreciate it, in all its countless and often unexpected facets, as I know that it will be a valuable piece of their path to becoming European citizens.

Our heartfelt thanks go to TIA Formazione and Ines Caloisi because they believe with uncommon passion in their work, believe in young people and trust them and because they never forget the role of the school with which they work skilfully and to which they offer their valuable experience and invaluable professionalism.

Rosella Uda

Headmaster of Pischedda School – Bosa

Translated with DeepL