Serafina Manca is a teacher of Pischedda School (Bosa, Italy). She accompanied a group of students during the first mobility  (Seville 2018).

For many children, the school is lived as an experience based on static learning (the teacher explains, the pupil listens, studies to be evaluated). Experience often full of limitations and far from real life.

Children need, often unconsciously, to broaden their horizons, to put themselves to the test, to discover potential and limits, to relate to their usual realities.

It is our duty as trainers to make our students venture into their daily lives and to make them conceive of life as a set of experiences in connection.

The students had this opportunity thanks to the organizational work of the TIA Formazione team and to the cohesion and harmony of the tutors who followed the students during this period.

I participated as a tutor in the second part of the mobility.

The first impression was positive. I found the guys to be quite safe and relaxed. Several students undoubtedly tested and improved their professional and communicative skills in a different cultural context from their own. It can be said that the foundations have been laid for the development of more refined problem solving and thinking skills.

On a negative note: some young people did not take full advantage of the opportunity to progress in terms of responsibility and autonomy, perhaps because they were unprepared for such a complex and all-round experience. Even if, in my heart, I believe that there has been an emotional growth for all the boys.

I conclude this contribution with a quotation that sums up my thoughts:

“When an emotion is born from an experience,

leaving a new, perhaps invisible, trace in us,

but it transforms us,

so we had an authentic experience.”



Serafina Manca

Translated with DeepL

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