Simona Daga is a teacher of  I.S.S. Don Deodato Meloni Oristano, Italy). She accompanied a group of students during the first and the second mobility  (Seville 2018 Madrid 2019).

Once again I come back to Erasmus. Mine, the first, was in 1995 and since then I have not stopped believing in it. An Erasmus is forever, I’m used to saying. Or rather: one, (one in my case) will be Erasmus forever. Because Erasmus means growing. To question one’s habits, one’s ties, one’s ideas. It means trying to assert oneself, clashing, meeting. Being welcomed and learning to welcome.

It is also for this reason that once again I leave home and become a Súper prophet 24 hours a day (as my letter of assignment states). Once again I accompany the young people on the move, to Spain, to Madrid.

I accompany them means that I say good morning to them, I point out metro stops, I try to explain them Guernica; I translate a menu, I remember that they must not lose their documents; I wait for them annoyed because some are late, I slip into a surprise while they take a group selfie in a small street in Toledo. I insist that they be punctual when they return in the evening, I say good night to them.

All this during the first week of stay. Then they fly. They change, they grow up…

They say good morning to me, they know the subway stops, they remember details of Guernica; they have dinner together; some continue to arrive late at the mitin de fin de semana, they apologize. They continue to take pictures; I demand punctuality in returning home in the evening.

The return to Italy is now near, it will be in a few days. When I mention you, a strange silence surrounds them, for a moment they are saddened…

They still don’t know that Erasmus never ends. I am sure he will return in their thoughts, in their memories, in their stories. From the window of the fifth floor of Espronceda street I look out, and I think that I too will come back, once again, because there is always more to see, to live.

As Jose Saramago wrote: “(…) to see again what we have already seen, to see in spring what we have seen in summer, to see in daytime what we have seen at night, with the sun where the first time it rained, to see the green harvest, the ripe fruit, the stone that has changed place, the shadow that was not there. We must return to the steps already taken, to repeat them, and to trace new paths alongside you. We have to start the journey again. Always”.


Simona Daga

Translated with DeepL