Training Online

Tia Formazione opens to online training on issues related to its statutory objectives, communication, eu project management, European programs and policies, personal growth.

Excellent teachers will offer their expertise in various fields in order to enrich the offer. Each training will have a short presentation and a quick and easy access link.

We will use the Screencast platform , we invite you to get to know it, lets keep connected from next April 1st, 2020 we will start !

Enjoy !


BYOD – Bring Your Own Device

Main Aspects – Benefits in didactics and training

Author: Carmelina Maurizio

BYOD or Bring Your Own Device was born about ten years ago in the USA to allow employees to use their personal devices for professional reasons, giving to the companies the possibility to share useful resources with the staff and saving money for the maintenance and the upgrading. Immediately after BYOD was also adopted by a growing number of schools all over the world, according to the idea that learners of all ages are skilled digital users and integrating their devices into didactics could improve their learning process. The schools and educational agencies have been introducing BYOD policies and practices for the last ten years, overcoming some ongoing difficulties, such as the quality of WiFi connection, some parents’ resistance, teachers and educator’s lack of training, feeling strongly in BYOD innovative power.

In Italy BYOD has been promoted by the Ministry of Education since 2015 as a relevant approach to improve the quality of the training offer for students all over the country.